Learn Parkour : Lesson 2

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Now that you know how to land the next learn parkour challenge is how to perform a basic parkour jump. A lot of people might take jumping for granted. In parkour jumps there is a lot more to it than just getting
yourself off of the ground. Parkour practitioners must exercise precise form and accuracy in order to
maximize their performance.

Jumping is a basic element of parkour. It can be used in many different situations ranging from the
simple jump over a small obstacle to leaping from one building top to another. To make your parkour
jumps pay off you will want to practice them constantly. Always warm up before you begin any parkour
activity and be sure to get your muscles stretched a bit so that they will be more flexible.

One helpful method used in order to learn parkour moves including the jump is to record them on video. Ideally you
should have a partner with you who can hold the camera or help you to set it up. He can also assist you
in the event of an injury. If you do happen to have a camera even if it’s the one on your cell phone you
should definitely use it to record your jumps. Playing back the video will allow you to see exactly where
your technique needs improvement. If you are having trouble in a particular area you can even post
your video for others to critique.

Learn Parkour: The Basic Parkour Jump

Before you leap tall buildings start by jumping on a flat surface with no height variations. Begin with
your feet flat on the ground and roughly shoulder width apart. Your toes should point at the angle which
is most comfortable for you. When you jump you should be using your force to move upwards as well
as forward. In parkour you will often need to clear obstacles in your path so getting into the air can be
just as important as moving forward. Now is a good time to learn to be able to achieve movement in
both directions. A lot of people instinctually strive for distance as in a long jump. In parkour we want to
move up as well as ahead.

As you move up and forward be sure to extend your body to its fullest. This is where good stretching
exercises will be helpful. Throwing your arms forward at the same time will help to invest your entire
body into the jump allowing for maximum distance. Once you leave the ground you should tuck your
knees into your chest and your arms should be moved forward. In addition to keeping your arms and
legs loose for the landing this will also reduce drag from wind resistance as you travel through the air.

Always be sure to have your landing point in mind as soon as you jump. Once you are airborne you
should always keep your eyes focused on the exact spot where you will be landing. See how far into the
air you can go while making a proper parkour landing.

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